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The Sacred Path of Relationship-5


This is a 7-wk inside/out exploration for women into why you create what you create in partnerships, and how to create something better.

I want you to have the best partnership possible for you in this lifetime! And, what I know to be true is that each relationship is a mirror to our deeper self. It is never about the other person, it is always about the “I.” We draw in the perfect partner at the perfect moment to reflect back to us all that we are ready to see, heal and transform… if we say yes to it. When we are brave enough to do the inner work (whether single or partnered up), all our relationships will shift to reflect our brighter, cleaner inner landscape.

Do you find yourself thinking/feeling/saying one of the following:

  • I love my partner, but our relationship is so frustrating!
  • My partner and I have the same arguments over and over…
  • I keep calling in the same kind of unfulfilling relationship.
  • Why do I keep attracting unavailable partners?!
  • I had no idea how hard marriage would be….

If you said yes to any of these, click here for the full details…